Material cycle of Duroplast toilet seats

Duroplast toilet seats by MKW® are made of high-quality, thermoset plastic. They are hygienic, scratch-resistant, sealed, smooth, distortion-resistant, solid-coloured and extremely durable. MKW® employs raw materials that can be recycled back into a product or production cycle to the greatest possible extent.

Toilet seat features


This function, which comes with certain models, is as quiet as it is comfortable. The seat and the cover close automatically with just a gentle tap.


Many seats (cover and seat) can be removed from the ceramic bowl (e.g. for cleaning) and remounted after.


MKW® introduces an antiseptic additive to its raw material. Therefore, the toilet seats are entirely antibacterial.


Many of the hinges are used are height- and direction-adjustable. As a result Duroplast toilet seats can be matched to the ceramic bowl with great precision.


Simple compression and pushing upwards of the patented QUICK wing nut facilitates quick and simple toilet seat mounting.


The toilet seat can be either top-mounted or bottom-mounted. It doesn't matter whether the ceramic bowl is open or closed at the side.