Here you will find a selection of frequently asked questions, providing the answers to our products. If your question is not listed, please contact us via contact form.

In general

MKW® WC seats and bathroom fiitings are only available in sanitary specialist shops via your plumber. Please contact us to find a retailer in your area.

In this matter, please contact the retailer where you bought the product with your sales receipt. The retailer manages the further processing with MKW®.

WC seats

Prior to purchasing and mounting

Please note that WC bowls are not standardised with regard to their width, their bearing surface or diameter. Therefore, before you purchase a WC seat you should measure the precise dimensions of the bowl. This is the only way of ensuring that you purchase a suitable WC seat.

There are two possibilities to find a suitable WC seat for your bowl:

1. Online product search


2. PDF Form "Find the right seat"



Many of the MKW®WC seats are available in different colours.
You can find the proper information on the respective product site or in the PDF MKW® Colours.
If you have any further questions please contact us.

Use mild agents or soapy water for cleaning. Don't use chlorine based or other abrasive/corrosive cleaners because the use of these products can damage the material. Rinse the seat with water and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid the use of WC cleaning agents on the seat and hinges, these can also damage the structure of the material. So, please make sure that seat and cover are in an upright position as long as harsh cleaning agents are in the bowl.

Please note: Do not use rim block toilet freshener in ceramic blow!

WC seats from MKW® are made from high-quality, thermoset plastic. They are hygienic, scratch-resistant, sealed, smooth, distortion-resistant, through-coloured and extremely durable.

Follow the assebling instruction, which is included in every MKW® WC seat packaging. Pay attention to the bearing surface of the ring on the bowl. For a professional assembling all buffers of the ring should bear on the bowl. For a perfekt match of the WC seat on the bowl and accordingly for compensation of unevenness of the bowl are different special buffers available.

Assembling videos on YouTube

On our YouTube Channel MKWgroup you will find an infomative assembling video for every MKW® WC seat. Practial tipps for the assembling are included.


To the mounting videos

The hinges of MKW WC seats are made from high-quality stainless steel. Due to urine ore the use of active oxygen-containing, abrasive, chlorine or acid detergents the material surface can be damaged. So, the hinges can oxidize.

For a perfekt match of the WC seat on the bowl and accordingly for compensation of unevenness of the bowl are different special buffers available.

Bathroom fittings

Normale Seifenlauge oder milde, natürliche Spülmittel verwenden. Mit Wasser nachspülen und mit einem weichen Tuch abtrocknen.

Following materials are used:


  • Zinc diecasting
  • PC
  • brass
  • crystal glass
  • PA 6
  • NBR 70
  • ABS
  • NIRO (screws)
  • DE-HD

No, the stool and footstool of product line UNIVERSAL from MKW® is not suitable for using in the shower.