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    My princess deserves the "chair".

    Toilet seat Dario FL [MKW® Sanitary]

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    Only for real lightweights.

    Three-legged stool [MKW® Sanitary]

OEM manufacturing and OEM development

Toilet seats and sanity appliances for Original Equipment Manufacturers

MKW® develops and produces toilet seats for designs for original equipment manufacturers (OEM).


We provide OEM manufacturing full-service solutions with development, design, construction, prototyping , toolmaking, and serial production all in one. This full departmental integration enables quick decision-making, fast implementation and maintaining quality. In addition, single components (buffers, hinge pieces) are manufactured within the company. MKW® possesses a most modern production guaranteeing flexibility, efficiency and quality.

MKW® is a technology leader in the resin plastic pressing field and a leading European producer of toilet seats. The use of a variety of plastics production processes means that optimum product solutions with the desired characteristics can be developed and manufactured for customers. MKW®'s success factors are shaped by continuous further development, creative design solutions and lasting relationships with customers.

Werner Weidenholzer
T +43 7732 3711-104
E oem(at)mkw.at

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MKW® Plus + OEM

Before and after an optimum result
  • 1. Product development & design
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  • 2. Prototypes
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  • 3. Construction
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  • 4. Toolmaking & Jigs
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  • 5. Automation and special machines
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  • 6. Press technology
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  • 7. Assembling
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  • 8. Packaging
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  • 9. Logistics
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  • 10. Quality standard


Before serial production starts the product has to be free of errors and fully functional. Therefore, we produce a mastermodel by means of design data.

The mastermodel is a milled sample made from specific plastics with subsequent painting.

  • Prototype for functional tests
  • Prototype to check exact fit and dimensional accuracy
  • Detailed model for product photos
  • Full-colour visual model