MKW® history

We are a part of you. [since 1960]

Take a look at MKW®'s history.


Karl Niederndorfer founds the "Metall- und Kunststoffwerk Weibern GmbH". The company's head office is the former dairy building, the so-called "Gstattmühle" in Weibern. First products in the metals business area are wheelbarrows and milk bottle baskets. Toilet seat "NORMA" and the three-legged stool are the first articles in the plastics business area.


MKW Prešov spol.s.r.o. in Prešov, Slovakia is established as a subsidiary of MKW Kunststofftechnik GmbH. The company is responsible for the production and distribution of sanitary products for the Eastern European market.


Ten years after the founding, the number of employees exceeds 200. The machinery is growing steadily and a distribution centre in Graz is commissioned. The purchase of the first computer eases accounting.


Reorganisation into the present company structure. MKW® expands its position in the emerging market Russia and founds MKW LTD in Ermolino, near Moscow. Hannes and Stefan Danner hand over the management of MKW Kunststofftechnik GmbH. The coating technology for wood decor surfaces for aluminium and steel is provided.


Karl Niederndorfer retires. The business is now managed by his sons Franz and Wolfgang Niederndorfer as well as Johann Trausinger. On the initiative of Wolfgang Niederndorfer the company "IOT Industrielle Oberflächentechnik GmbH" in Haag/Hausruck is founded in 1984. CEOs are Wolfgang and Franz Niederndorfer and their brother-in-law Hans Danner.


MKW® makes the largest investment in the company's history. Plant 2 in Haag/H. is extended by a 3,000 m² production area which includes a vertical powder coating system. Karl Niederndorfer takes over the management of MKW Oberflächen+Draht GmbH. MKW® expands its production capacity in the powder coating business area and builds plant 3. 

In 1960 Karl Niederndorfer founded the "Metall- und Kunststoffwerk Weibern GmbH".
The former dairy building "Gstattmühle" is still the company's head office.